Sioux Empire Pit Rescue to house dogs displaced by the aftermath of Hurricane Ian

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – The Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is working to help foster dogs across the country in areas that need help.

Right now, animal foster homes in Georgia and Florida are overcrowded and stressed.

With the lack of resources available, Sioux Empire Pit Rescue is answering the call to make a difference in the lives of displaced dogs.

“We specifically take dogs from high need areas which is why we are currently looking for foster families. we have ten dogs from Georgia, Hazeltine Georgia and this is a program that we take dogs out of so that they can come here and we can adopt them into loving homes,” said volunteer Ashley Bartholomaus.

They say natural disasters like this cause a domino effect of animal refugees in states surrounding the affected area.

“I think any time there’s a large-scale event like a tropical storm or a hurricane, it puts a lot of pressure on those smaller rescues that are already having funding issues or overcrowding,” Bartholomaus said.

However, there must first be foster homes set up for these dogs locally before transporting them.

“We’re running out of foster homes to raise them here, so we’re waiting for people to open their homes and their hearts so we can commit to bringing all of these dogs here,” Bartholomaus said.

Sioux Empire Pit Rescue will help anyone who responds.

“We cover medical costs and most important things, food can be covered and then we provide all the treats,” said volunteer Melissa Renes.

To foster a dog or volunteer, you can follow the link at

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