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In 2019, Chandra Kendall was browsing Facebook when she noticed a thread. There was a stray dog ​​running around town.

A lifelong animal lover, Kendall became immediately invested in the dog’s plight and she followed up on sightings, which eventually led to Glynn County Animal Control. That’s when she learned the poor dog’s horrific story.

“Information about him came to light and he had been beaten with a baseball bat by his owner and had his jaw broken. I went to GCAS to see him and possibly foster him. I was told that GCAS does not wouldn’t be able to spend the money to give him the jaw surgery he needed and he would most likely be euthanized,” she recalled.

Kendall couldn’t bear the thought. After all he had suffered, she wanted to help him find a happy ending. That’s when she contacted a local nonprofit, No Kill Glynn County.

Formed in 2013, the group is dedicated to helping cats and dogs find loving homes. They also step in to help pet owners who might not be able to afford certain treatments, vaccines, or even food.

She hoped No Kill Glynn County might be able to help in this situation.

“I contacted them to help with his jaw surgery, and they found a safe haven in Virginia for him. He is now in a loving home and has not needed surgery,” he said. she stated.

This experience sparked something in Kendall, and she became a dedicated volunteer. And since then, she has seen the incredible difference they make in the lives of animals.

“Watching an animal barely hanging on to life recover and go to a happy home, and seeing a shelter dog’s personality change from stressed to loving when they come to their rescue and finally adopted is very rewarding,” said- she declared.

No Kill Glynn County does not have its own facility, but does have a network of volunteers and foster homes. Their collective goal is to create a situation where no healthy, adoptable animal will be put to death. To help, they have implemented an extensive neutering and neutering program that encompasses over 3,500 animals.

They were also able to find homes or rescue links for over 640 cats and 124 dogs in 2021 alone. But in order to continue this track record of success, they need funding. The costs of operations, procedures and treatments that animals need add up quickly. Kendall says finding ways to generate donations is key to meeting the needs of animals.

“Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations to operate. Helping the number of animals we help is very expensive. If a stray animal is hit by a car or victim of animal cruelty, we are the organization that responds quickly to save the animal and that often requires extensive surgery,” she said.

“Raising more money means we can spay and neuter where needed, get needed surgeries, vaccinations, heartworm treatments and other veterinary services. In 2021, we spent approximately $200,000 on these expenses. »

Recently, Kendall was contacted with a fundraising idea in honor of outspoken animal activist, Betty White. Originally, it was to take place on the occasion of his 100th birthday. But sadly, White passed away on New Year’s Eve, not having officially passed the milestone. However, the event is moving forward and will now serve as a way to honor White’s life and legacy.

“I was contacted by my friend, Mary Starr, and she wanted to help plan a fundraiser for NKGC. Since Betty has always been an animal advocate and she would have been 100 on January 17, she suggested that we’re having a fundraiser to celebrate Betty’s birthday,” she said. “Sadly she didn’t survive and we’re going to be celebrating her legacy of love for animals.”

The event will take place on Sunday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Tree Bar at Bennie’s Red Barn on Saint-Simons Island. Local 80s band Squirt Gun will perform. Tickets are $65 and can be purchased in advance through EventBrite.com.

For Kendall, this fun night provides the perfect opportunity for the community to support the cause.

“Saving lives is our mission and there will never be a shortage of lives to save. When you feel the unconditional love of an animal, how can you look it in the eye and turn your back on it? We are doing everything we can to save them,” she said.

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