Kalamazoo County Boy Scout builds stray and feral cat houses for animal shelter

KALAMAZOO COUNTY, Michigan – A teenage boy from western Michigan who works for the highest rank in Boy Scouts helps a shelter for animals and his feral cats during these winter months.

It’s all part of a leadership project he’s leading to earn that rank.

Currently a Life Scout, Keegan Gallagher is on his way to reaching the rank of Eagle Scout at just 15 years old. It is the seventh and highest ranking of the Boy Scouts of America.

Gallagher built four houses for the Southwest Michigan SPCA to keep his feral cats warm during the cold, snowy months.

“I live in this community. I feel like it’s everyone’s job to make a community better,” said Keegan Gallagher, a Boy Scout who works for her rank of Eagle Scout.

For Keegan Gallagher, improving the community was about helping the Southwest Michigan SPCA. This is the same animal shelter where he and his family adopted their two dogs.

“I love this organization and I love what it does. I really wanted to help them. I asked their volunteer manager if there was anything else I could do for a volunteer project, and they said they could use some houses, ”said Gallagher.

The project is one of the main parts to get the highest rank.

“The point of Project Eagle Scout is that you are the leader of the project. You are not really the practical worker. I was in the field a lot, however, I did all the planning. really took a long time. It was all done in about two days, ”said Gallagher.

Gallagher went further and built four detached houses, more than the SPCA planned.

Inside, the shelter will put blankets and other supplies to help keep stray and feral cats warm.

“These houses serve as their little space to get in and out and not have to be inside and be an indoor cat, but they can still keep that freedom and not have to worry about freezing. is also a way for mother cats to shelter their babies, ”said Gallagher.

The project cost a total of $ 200 which was paid for with the money raised. Gallagher has raised an additional $ 100 which he gives to the shelter so they can buy other needed supplies like food, dish soap and paper towels.

“I think the feeling that you are doing something for something in need is so much better than any other reward you can earn,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher said he is currently waiting for his review board to achieve his Eagle Scout rank.

Since an Eagle Scout is typically 17 or 18 and only 15, Gallagher plans to work on gaining more merit badges and additional leadership skills while he is still involved with Boy. Scouts of America.

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